Art of Wishes 2020

Art of Wishes 2020

Before coronavirus, 2,000 seriously ill children had turned to us with a wish. Today, those 2,000 children are waiting - hoping their wish will still come true one day. You can help that happen.

Donate now to make sure every child's wish is granted as soon as possible.


Or sponsor one of our wishes that are waiting

Below are just some of the 2,000 children whose wishes are currently waiting. Together we can make their wishes come true.


5 years old

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

"I wish to be a vet for the day"


67% funded



4 years old

Severe congenital malformation

"I wish to go to Center Parcs with my family"


14% funded



3 years old

Chronic lung disease

"I wish to have a sensory bedroom"


0% funded



5 years old

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Sanfilippo syndrome

"I wish to meet Santa and see the snow in Lapland"


42% funded



7 years old


"I wish to be a chef"


17% funded



9 years old

Spinal muscular atrophy

"I wish to own a spa pool"


23% funded


Sponsored donations made towards a child’s wish will go towards their One True Wish. If a child’s wish receives over funding the additional donations will be put towards a similar wish. If a child's wish doesn't reach 100% funding their wish will still take place and general funds will be used.