Callum’s Stolen Christmas

It’s hard to imagine a boy or girl who loves Christmas more than Callum. He decorates his bedroom with tinsel and fairy lights as early as September! 

But last year, Callum had anything but a happy Christmas. He was undergoing treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. 

Callum’s immune system became so weak he was kept in strict isolation for up to six weeks at a time, not even his older sisters could visit him. Even on Christmas day, his favourite day of the year, he was only allowed out for a few hours. It was a million miles away from what anyone could describe as a ‘happy Christmas’.

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“It was just the worst time and a pretty rotten year but Callum coped so well. That’s why this year we want to make it so special for him. He really is Christmas crazy!”

Mhairi, Callum's mum