Give by recycling

Recycle your car take the hassle out of getting rid of your car and pass the value on to us – you don't have to pay a penny!

Whether you have a scrap or used car you'd like to donate, can help. If your car is ready to scrap, it'll be responsibly recycled and we'll receive 100% of the car's scrap value. Or, if there's enough life left in your old car, they'll raise the maximum donation value by auctioning it.

Visit the Charity Car website

Recycle unwanted clothes, books and toys

We’ve been working with Clothes Aid, a leading clothes recycling firm, since 2008. Since then, clothes, accessories and toys that you've donated have raised more than £1 million to help grant life-changing wishes.

For more information about Clothes Aid collection dates in your area or arranging a one-stop collection to your school or business, visit or call 0207 288 8545.

Visit the Clothes Aid website

Recycle your old printer cartridges

Through The Recycling Factory you can recycle your printer cartridges and turn them into donations that'll help us grant life-changing wishes.

To download a freepost label visit or call 0800 091 0696 for more information.

Visit the Recycling Factory website