Step 4: Stream direct or via desktop / laptop


Step 5: Setup your PS4

  1. Select Broadcast Gameplay.
  2. Select Twitch and then Sign in.
  3. Enter code from TV screen here.
  4. Click Activate.
  5. Click OK on PS4 and select Twitch.

Step 6: Customise options and start broadcasting directly onto Twitch

Console to OBS

Step 5: Download and install OBS Studio on your desktop / laptop

OBS is the Open Broadcaster Software used to handle and customise the stream. It’s available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

  1. Download OBS.
  2. Start the Auto-configuration wizard on OBS.
    This tool will ensure your online gaming stream on Twitch will be optimized for the equipment and network available.
  3. Copy Primary Stream Key from Twitch and paste into OBS.
    Keep your key private!
  4. Click Apply Settings.

Step 6: Connect your PS4 to your desktop / laptop

You are going to need a capture card for your desktop / laptop to capture the game in-play. For purposes of this guide, the capture card will be assumed to be the Elgato HD60S.

  • PS4 requirements
    • ⁃ 1x Capture card
    • ⁃ 2x HDMI cables
    • ⁃ 1x USB-C cable
  • Desktop / laptop requirements
    • ⁃ 1x USB 3.0 port
    • ⁃ 1x HDMI-in port
  1. Before streaming, the HDCP needs to be enabled on the PS4 by accessing Settings.
  2. Restart the PS4.
  3. Connect Elgato Capture card to PS4 via HDMI.
  4. Connect Elgato Capture card to desktop / laptop via USB-C.
  5. Connect PS4 to desktop / laptop via HDMI.
  6. In OBS, under Sources, click +
  7. Select Video Capture Device.
    This will open a new panel, where you can rename the capture to identify the console e.g. PS4.
  8. Select Elgato Game Capture HD under Device.
    Ensure that the Elgato Capture card, console and desktop / laptop are connected up properly.
  9. You can resize the game window on OBS using the red box to appear how you would like on Twitch.
    Usually the game window takes up much of the entire streaming window.
  10. The audio output mode needs to be set-up correctly. Right-click on the console’s Video Capture Device and click Properties. On Audio Output Mode, choose Output desktop audio (WaveOut).

Step 7: You’re all set! But there’s a couple of customizations available