Emma Connor

Emma Connor - Regional Fundraising Manager, Scotland

Emma Connor
Regional Fundraising Manager - Scotland

07740 161988

About Me

My name's Emma and I'm from sunny Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve worked in the charity sector for almost 10 years now and I absolutely love what I do. I graduated from University with a degree in Events Management and as part of our course, we had to organise and run a live event and any profits were to be given to charity. Our fashion show was a huge success and we selected a small local charity close to our university to benefit from our funds. I remember walking into the charity office to hand over our fundraising and immediately thinking “This! This is what I want to do!”. 

After graduating Uni, I was delighted to accept a job in that very charity – I was absolutely over the moon. I got stuck in to my new role, learning all about the charity world, how it worked and the different areas of fundraising that made it work. From then, I went on to a role as a special events manager and then fundraising manager for two more charities before landing here at Make-A-Wish UK.

My role at Make-A-Wish

I'm lucky to be the Regional Fundraising Manager for Make-A-Wish in Scotland. This means I look after all the fabulous supporters who are raising money to help us grant magical wishes as well as managing our volunteers across the country.

No two days are ever the same here – and that's what I love. One day I could be waving off a team at the start of the West Highland Way at 6.30am, the next I could be speaking in front of a large audience of business people, letting them know about the wishes we grant and how they can support us to make even more come true.

If you'd like to get involved, I'd love to hear from you!

"My work is something I am passionate about and when I’m not working, you will often find me volunteering as a Wish Visitor or at events over the weekend to raise money and awareness for our amazing charity."