It's your turn to make a wish, but how do you choose?

It's your turn to make a wish, but how do you choose?

Written by Rachael, Wish Visitor at Make-A-Wish UK

So, you’ve applied for a wish for your child and found out you’re eligible? Welcome to a world of possibility, your Wish Journey starts here! 

A specially trained Make-A-Wish UK volunteer, your Wish Visitor, will be in contact with you soon to arrange a ‘wish visit’ to talk with you face-to-face about what your One True Wish could be. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know what your wish is yet!

Adam posing in front of sister and Dad

Adam wished for a trip to Iceland with his family

This handy guide is written by Rachael, who’s been a volunteer Wish Visitor with Make-A-Wish since November 2016, visiting families at home or in hospital, helping children to discover their One True Wish. 

What's a wish?

Your wish could be anything. Let your imagination run wild! Make it personal to you.

Our collective goal is to make every wish unique, because every person is unique, and for your wish to provide the biggest impact possible. We encourage imaginative thinking and we want to help make your wish into a magical experience. A wish could involve going somewhere, being something, doing something, owning something or meeting someone, or something else entirely.

For inspiration, you can read about some of the wishes we’ve granted recently here.

    The wish visit 

    Your wish visit is a chance for you to explore what your One True Wish could be and there’s plenty that you can do before the visit to get things started.  

    Your Wish Visitor will call to arrange to meet you and your family – usually in-person, with a second volunteer. Are weekdays or weekends better for you? Are there any activities or appointments booked for certain days? Who will be at home when they come round? 

    Loyd and his mum with Liverpool F.C. Manager, Jurgen Klopp

    Loyd wished to meet Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp

    How do I choose my wish? 

    Asking yourself some questions might help spark some ideas: 

    What do you like to do? Or is there anything you’d love to try? 
    What makes you happy?  
    Where is your favourite place? Or where would you most like to go? 
    Who do you like spending time with? 

    Another useful activity is to think about your favourite memories:  

    • What were you doing?  
    • Why did you have so much fun? 
    • Who was there to make the memory so special?  

    You could draw a picture, talk with your family, make a collage or write down your ideas. The more we know about why you’ve chosen your wish, the closer we can get to granting it in the most magical way.  

    These are just a few suggestions to get your creativity flowing. It doesn’t matter if you don't answer all the questions, but it will help you figure out which things excite you the most! 

    There’s no pressure to have an idea before your wish visit, so don’t worry if nothing springs to mind straight away. Our Wish Visitors are specially trained to ask the right questions to generate that spark of inspiration that will bring out your One True Wish. This is an enjoyable time for you and your family, so have fun and enjoy your Wish Journey! 

    Emilia-Mae meeting Mr Tumble

    Emilia-Mae wished to meet Mr Tumble

    What’s next? 

    After your wish visit, you’ll hear from the Wishgranting team – you'll have your very own Wishgranter who works at Make-A-Wish to turn your wish from an idea into reality! 

    If you think of additional things after the visit, or if you change your mind, that’s okay. Your Wishgranter will be happy to help. 

    You and your family don’t need to work out logistics or bookings etc., this will all be handled by Make-A-Wish. Now’s the time to enjoy the excitement of having your wish granted!